It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to the website of the Community Council of Evrychou, through which our online visitors will have the opportunity and the ability to get to know our community, with the aim of attracting more friends to the village of Evrychou.

Having assumed my duties as President of the Community Council, I have begun my “long journey” in the field of Local Government believing that all of you, my dedicated friends, residents, online visitors, expatriates and organised bodies, will stand by my side sending a message of cooperation in order to achieve our main aim, which is none other than to make Evrychou an even better place to live in.

On our internet website you can be informed about the History of the beautiful village of Evrychou. Our village is a community where several important Services, such as the Rural Health Care Centre, the Health Board, the Holy Bishopric of Morphou, the Gymnasium and Lyceum of Solea, the Regional Primary and Nursery School, the Rural Fire Station, the offices of the District Administration of Morphou and the Welfare Department, the Departments of Agriculture and Forests, the Land Registry, the Wildlife Fund, a branch of the Social Insurance Department, the Troodos Development Company, the “Solea” Old People’s Home, the Police Administration of Morphou and the Police Station of Evrychou, are headquartered.

One will also have the opportunity to learn about the important Historical Monuments of our Community, such as the Train Station, the Watermill of “Styllis”, the chapel of Saint Kyriakos of Evrychou, the Monuments dedicated to hero Marcos Drakos and the fallen of the 256 Infantry Battalion, as well as about the Traditional Arts, Folkways and Natural Environment of Evrychou.

Finally, all you visitors of our website are given the opportunity to contact us by submitting your suggestions or making your complaints, this way helping all of us improve.

Yours Truly
Xenofon Xenofontos
President of the Evrychou
Community Council