The village started developing vivid action in sports and relative cultural activity already since the foundation of the Greek School.

After an initiative by that era’s teachers, Georgiades and Koumbarides, the first association / society “Ethnike Neolaia” (National Youth) was established and in 1925 the first theatrical play, “Pavlos Melas”, was put on stage.

After the events of 1931, during which the village played some role, demonstrations and protests were organised against the British occupation, resulting in the shut down of the railroad, the enforcement of Palmer’s dictatorial rule and the abolishment of any national movements; thus the “National Youth” association was dissolved and the “Kinyras” sports club took its place.

“Kinyras” was also quite active in the cultural things and especially in theatrical shows. There was no television or cinema and so a theatre performance was awaited and received by the audience as a special event.

Today’s ” Triptolemos ” association was established in 1937, originally as an Agricultural Union and later also becoming a sport’s association.

The Scouts’ Corps was in existence since old times, playing a relative role in the various events and activities for the national anniversaries. Unfortunately, today the scouts’ corps has suspended its activities.

In 1945 the “Anagennisi” association was established, developing cultural and athletic activity. The association dissolved after 6 years of life.